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A small minority of native furniture, simplicity is the most beautiful

The modern western house design, characterized by simplicity and atmosphere, once occupied the Chinese market and made Chinese traditional furniture h...

Is the door open at home or in the open?(part 2)

Many people do not pay attention to this problem. In general, the door is opened outside the house, the bedroom is generally open inside, and this see...

Do you really know how to choose the sofa?

The sofa is a must for the decoration and filling the living room. In this full of personality of the color of the community, and now every family to ...

living room sofa had to choose this, regret to know too late!

The comfort of a home depends on a certain extent on the quality of the furniture. Good quality furniture gives a sense of happiness. In addition to t...

Is the door open at home or is it open in the open?(part 1)

Is the door open at home or in the open? I wonder if you have noticed this problem. In general, the door is opened outside the house, the bedroom is g...

Traditional home decoration too OUT? CBMMART One-stop decoration makes you save time, worry, mon

The pople who Have a decoration experience know that the decoration of the new house is an absolutely wasting time, money and effort of drudgery, the ...

Let you slowly fall in love with wallpaper!

Contemporary, the walls of the decoration is not only by painting and paving tile to achieve, wallpaper is also a good choice, not only can create an ...

It is said that a good bathroom decoration can enhance happiness!

Bathroom is a day after the busy, clean body, relax, ready to enter the resting state, bathroom design good or bad, will also affect the quality of ou...
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