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What kind of material is good for bathroom cabinet?

  • Release on :2017-08-01
The bathroom is the most important area of the whole family in the daily moisture, rinse tooth face, the bathroom cabinet is a severe test, in order to use for a long time, when the purchase should focus on waterproof material, and high temperature resistance etc.. Bathroom cabinet, there are many kinds of materials, especially the modern manufacturing process is becoming more and more developed, there are at least dozens of bathroom cabinets in the market, and here are some common bathroom cabinet materials and purchasing skills. 

PVC bathroom cabinet (China shower room supplier) has excellent waterproof, moisture-proof, high temperature resistance, anti scratch function, it has moisture and waterproof performance, but its corrosion resistance is not high. 

Oak bathroom cabinet (China building materials manufacturer) has good moisture resistance and pressure resistance. It is the best material for making bathroom cabinet. Using waterproof environmental protection paint brush processing, compared with other man-made board, solid wood cabinet formaldehyde emission is lower, natural environmental protection, but also more durable. 

Stainless steel bathroom cabinet (Home improvement supplier) is the use of multiple stainless steel processing, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion performance of the bathroom cabinet is excellent, can be used for a long time in the environment of the water vapor in the bathroom.