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living room sofa had to choose this, regret to know too late!

  • Release on:2017-05-25
The comfort of a home depends on a certain extent on the quality of the furniture. Good quality furniture gives a sense of happiness. In addition to the bed, the sofa is probably the closest furniture to the body, and its function is to release our emotions outside the bed. Then how do you choose the furniture? After reading this, you will understand.

1 sofa frame should be firm

People have their own skeleton, sofa is also a skeleton, sofa skeleton is very critical things, it directly determines the quality of the sofa and service life. If there is a condition, the frame of sofa must choose solid wood material, because this ability can have very good bearing capacity.

2 the weight of the stuffing

If the sofa sofa determines whether solid skeleton, then the filler determines the sofa is comfortable, can try to force the sofa armrest and backrest by hand at the time of purchase, if we can clearly feel the sofa frame, then this sofa filling density is relatively poor, there is no flexibility, no suggestion buy.

After reading this, now you should buy a certain understanding of the sofa, right?