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The Couches is comfortable with the production of raw materials have a great relationship

  • Release on :2017-05-11
Couches which is mainly made of what material? 
Couches are stuffed with batting to fill out the area around the foam center. The batting is a light, fluffy material that can be made of cotton, polyester, wool or a blend of those materials. One hundred percent cotton batting isn't best for couches, however, because it breaks apart and can poke through the upholstery of your couch.

Most couch batting is made of a cotton-polyester blend that is durable. Needled wool batting is used to stuff couches as well, especially to cover the springs in the couch's frame, although it's also used to stuff the couch's cushions. Batting is used inside the frame of the couch, the back cushions, on the arms and on any couch pillows. The batting is also used to fill out the seat cushions of the couch, in some cases. A mixture of batting and foam is the most commonly used couch stuffing.

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