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Is the door open at home or is it open in the open?(part 1)

  • Release on:2017-05-24
Is the door open at home or in the open? I wonder if you have noticed this problem. In general, the door is opened outside the house, the bedroom is generally open inside, and this seems to have become a tacit habit.

1 gate

The public space should be opened in the direction of evacuation in principle, generally from the outside to the outside, and strictly abide by the fire door. For residential home, although it also has fire evacuation function, but the door is generally designed to open indoors, convenient for residents to install security doors, security doors open, doors inward, from the practical considerations.

After opening the door, in order to keep the corridor and corridor smooth, try not to occupy the main traffic area, not affected by the open door. Then the bedroom door opens toward the bedroom, which is beautiful and practical.

House for the family to provide housing services, we should first take into account the reasonableness and comfort, everything should be people-oriented, to the actual housing units and area to design. The above is a small series for the wooden door is open or inside to give some suggestions, I hope all of you help.