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Is the door open at home or in the open?(part 2)

  • Release on:2017-05-27
Many people do not pay attention to this problem. In general, the door is opened outside the house, the bedroom is generally open inside, and this seems to have become a tacit habit.

1. Kitchen door

After opening the kitchen, as far as possible not to affect the kitchen related operations, if the internal opening will affect the kitchen operation, then suggest open; if the cabinet table is far from the door, you can choose to open.

2, bathroom door

After the door is opened, try not to affect the use of high frequency. For example, if the toilet door opens, it will block the toilet or sink, then suggest open; if the bathroom area is relatively large, you can also open inwards.

3, storage room, storage room door

Storage room, storage room door as far as possible to choose open, storage room is storage space, in order to fully use, do not occupy the storage space, do not open the door. If the storage room is in the corner, it is recommended to use the sliding door.