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Factory Outlet mode to inject new vitality into the furniture retail

  • Suelte el:2018-01-19
On September 9, 2017, a grand opening ceremony was held successfully at Crystal Kirin International Home Factory in Tangshan Town, an international hot spring tourist spot. This day is destined to be Kirin International Home Records Tangshan Township, the development history of the day. Crystal unicorn Tangshan rewritten Tangshan - Jurong furniture store brand furniture series without the history of quality products, but also will become the commercial service areas, "Tang favorite." At 9 o'clock in the morning, crystal unicorn factory outlet outside the square, the host announced the opening ceremony of a grand start. 

Ted, vice president of COASTER business in China for the United States, introduced the COASTER brand to the audience. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the United States more than 200 outstanding suppliers. The United States has eight large logistics base, serving more than 8,000 dealers in the United States. It is also Amazon's largest furniture supplier. Now with hand in hand crystal Kirin International, for all Nanjing citizens to provide quality and diverse original American furniture.

Professor Wu Zhihui from Nanjing Forestry University, as a academic leader in the field of furniture and interior design, has always been a tide of people in the field of furniture. In his speech, he fully affirmed the new model of "International Welfare and Benefiting Citizens" As early as the crystal Unicorn factory site before the site, they personally and Crystal KyLin general manager visited the site Tangshan. Tangshan is a leisure town, cultural town, is the national advocacy of the characteristics of the town has now been relocated to the national level Tourist resorts and the world famous spa town.Builline Outlets with the stay, but also to the Tangshan into the new commercial blood, the future is bound to be Tangshan wings plug in.

Li Meiying, vice president of Hong Kong's Jane European Furniture Operations Division, delivered a congratulation on the opening of Crystal Kirin. Stayed in the metropolis under the cover of reinforced concrete for too long, set foot in the shade of trees everywhere, it is clear and comfortable. The crystal Kirin international home site Tangshan, also revealed from the side of the "home" understanding of the pursuit of natural comfort. Weekend with a family here to enjoy tours scenery, and then move to Crystal Kirin more than 2,000 square stores to rest to see the design, look furniture, may be a stylish pleasure experience.

Crystal Kirin factory opened soon, won the surrounding residents alike. High quality service, high cost, making crystal Kirin fame spread like wildfire, sales also steadily.

On the day of the ceremony, a lot of customers heard the news and they all came to experience the on-site environment through the factory of crystal Kirin factory. The opening day of the crystal factory Kirin factory also used the actual promotions, so many customers at affordable prices to buy the favorite furniture.