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Latex mattress price chaos

  • Relâchez le:2018-01-31
Research on the market of latex mattresses, the production of many businesses, many types, prices from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, so that consumers dazzled.
In an e-commerce platform sales ranked the highest in a latex mattress to 2M * 2M specifications, for example, latex thickness in 5CM, 10CM with jacket price is 1228 yuan, 2150 yuan; in a well-known foreign brands Lynx Shop: 2M * 2M specifications, latex thickness of 1cm, mattress total thickness of 26CM latex spring mattress price of more than 10,000 yuan; a well-known domestic brands in the price of 4000 to 1 million; a mark in Thailand's Electric store, latex thickness 5cm and 10CM price is 3500 yuan, 5800 yuan. Online store, the price of latex mattresses basically in 4000-8000 per month, in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and other places to sell to the tourists latex mattress tens of thousands at every turn.

"Our mattresses are made of 100% pure natural latex, all imported from Malaysia, with good anti-mite and anti-bacterial properties and breathability, which is very suitable for human sleep. The face of the above uneven price, consumers must polish their own eyes.