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2018 furniture raw material supply chain traditional model or will be completely transformed

  • Release on :2018-02-08
The continuous development of this procurement model is likely to form a new regional competitiveness of the furniture industry in the Pearl River Delta region, making Guangdong once again gain the cost advantage of furniture manufacturing. The furniture industry is highly competitive. Who can in this age of rising costs, effectively reduce the cost of production, who will be able to gain a competitive advantage.

Recently in the Pearl River Delta gathered in the well-known furniture business there has been a new model of procurement of furniture raw materials, effectively reducing the cost of raw materials procurement business. The continuous development of this procurement model is likely to form a new regional competitiveness of the furniture industry in the Pearl River Delta region, making Guangdong once again gain the cost advantage of furniture manufacturing. This new phenomenon is worth the attention of the furniture and research.

Allied furniture raw materials supply a new model by leaps and bounds
Zhonglianlian, established in Dongguan in 2017, is attended by numerous well-known furniture companies. Its goal is to reduce the procurement cost of furniture raw materials by placing centralized procurement on the production raw materials required by its own factories on a unified platform. By the second half of 2017, the acquisition platform of Allianz achieved substantial progress, setting a sales volume of 2.5 billion yuan in three months.

According to reports, the platform, the minimum drop of 3% transparent sealing adhesive, sponge reduce the cost of 8%, reduce the cost of 15.2% ash, single piece of hardware to reduce the cost of 20%, the highest decline of 30% gun nail.

Zhongli centralized procurement platform both the introduction of industrial funds, but also the introduction of venture capital, which is the use of advanced Internet operating mode, greatly reducing the manual intervention, which greatly improves the sales efficiency of the furniture, raw materials, the original purchase of furniture The most costly and time-consuming business event boss, completely transparent, all-weather.

Internet supply chain mode of operation
It is not hard to understand that the network of the raw material and auxiliary material trading channels is divided into four platforms and six major centers: the platform of supply chain, the industry chain financial platform, cloud logistics platform and O2O platform; the standard center, inspection center, intelligent center, Center, big data center, R & D center.

Take Zhonglusian as an example, in this business model, the platform takes the industrial supply chain as an entry point and sets up a platform for buyers, manufacturers, messagers (brokers) and furniture buyers through mobile and PC-end tools An efficient and reliable O2O furniture trading platform. Attract furniture companies will purchase focused on the platform, users through the online publishing needs, thus building a similar Alibaba-style furniture industry chain global gathering platform.

In the furniture industry platform, users can easily find cheaper suppliers, for large furniture sales, businesses can get professional financial services, eliminating the intermediate links, reducing the previous furniture factory procurement of various kickbacks caused by the price of high problem, Reduce management loopholes and realize the direct connection between the furniture enterprise purchaser and the source supplier. In addition, through the top-level design of financial capital, a number of sub-platforms such as smart logistics, supply chain finance, innovative design, technology research and development, personnel training, cross-border e-commerce and industrial makers in the furniture industry were built.

The biggest feature of this new procurement model is to break the industry information asymmetry situation. The furniture industry belongs to the traditional labor-intensive industries. The level of informationization is low, and the upstream and downstream involve many industries such as building materials, coatings, hardware and logistics. The opaque information, inaccurate information and inaccurate pricing are the reasons for the rapid development of the furniture industry Three major obstacles, information asymmetry is an important reason for the above problems.

Focus on resources, reduce manufacturing costs
In the past year, the national environmental protection policy has been continuously promoted. Furniture enterprises are faced with five major objective factors: rent cost, labor cost, purchase cost, financing cost, environmental protection cost and operating cost. The small and medium-sized furniture industry is under tremendous pressure for transformation and the industry is facing The competition is fiercer and fiercer, with most SMEs facing the risk of going out of business. So whether it is the buyer or the seller, reducing costs will be an urgent industry need.

In the past, due to asymmetric information exchange in the industry, buyers and sellers are difficult to find the right customers in the shortest time. Internet companies involved in the furniture industry, will eliminate the intermediate links, furniture suppliers and source suppliers to achieve direct docking, focus on resources, saving both manpower, material and material costs, to achieve accurate transactions. For both, it will effectively control costs.

Zhonglian Alliance as a guide to the centralized procurement of raw materials for Internet furniture platform is rapidly developing, is expected because of its unique advantages, once again lead the furniture industry-wide focus of furniture purchasing raw materials craze in 2018, the furniture industry's raw materials procurement The traditional model of a fundamental transformation