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Bathroom cabinet installation skills

  • Release on :2017-11-08
As one of the most important parts of our daily life, bathroom is also a central point of our daily life. A bathroom cabinet installed in the bathroom not only can make the utilization rate of the whole space become higher, but also can make the whole bathroom give people a clean and beautiful feeling. How to install the bathroom cabinet (China building materials factory)? What skills do you have?

First, confirm the bathroom cabinet (China bathroom supplier) installation location: floor tile and wall tiles, to confirm the installation location of bathroom cabinet, bathroom cabinet is due to the installation of punching walls, also need water inlet and water outlet, once installed in general can not move the position, so that the installation position of good bathroom cabinet is the necessary condition before installation.

Two, buy Bathroom Cabinet, according to the installation position to confirm the shape and size of bathroom cabinet: after the bathroom cabinet position is determined, only according to the installation position to determine the shape and size of the bathroom cabinet.

Figure three, look for the pipe line pipeline diagram and wiring: installed to punch drill holes punched in the wall, so it is very important to ensure the pipeline before installation diagram and circuit diagram, if broken pipes or wires on the circuit diagram to pry open the part wall, causing unnecessary losses.