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How to buy color aluminum window

  • Release on :2017-12-19
The main materials used in color aluminum windows generally include three aspects: aluminum, glass, hardware, the owners in the purchase of products, tend to pay more attention to the thickness of aluminum and glass, and the hardware requirements are not very high, which is not comprehensive. In fact, the country's requirements for the color aluminum window(China aluminum window manufacturer) is bound to regulate. 

Aluminum profiles used for high-quality aluminum windows, the thickness, strength and oxide film are generally in line with national norms, such as the relevant state requirements: Caigai aluminum wall thickness of not less than 1.2mm, the oxide film Thickness should reach 10 microns. The tempered glass is better than the average glass, if the doors and windows for safety and durability considerations, stainless steel raw materials, hardware accessories (such as screws, hinges, handles, etc.) better than aluminum parts, and pulleys the best selection of products using POM raw materials , Because of such products have higher strength and wear resistance, the smooth use of the process, not easy to damage. 
With good materials, the next step is the processing of windows and doors. Because Caide aluminum window(building materials manufacturer China) is not high technical content, the degree of mechanization is not high now, most also rely on the installation of manual workers, which requires the operator must have outstanding product quality awareness. In the production process to enhance the proficiency of operators and product awareness is very important. High-quality color aluminum window, precision machining, tangential circulation, common point of view (the main frame is generally 45 degrees or 90 degrees), the splicing process should not be more obvious gaps, sealing function, switch smoothly. Mainly reflected in the structure of doors and windows, doors and windows within the fan and the frame structure is tight, frameless balcony window is tight airtight; Watertightness, the main check Caicai whether there is water, leakage; sound insulation, which first Depends on the insulating glass insulation and other special sound-proof air tight structure and the opening and closing force, heat insulation, nylon guide wheel durability, open-lock durability and other durability of the door and window accessories. 

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