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The cabinet to time? This cabinet cleaning strategy helps you!

  • Release on :2017-08-09
Cabinets (China Home appliance supplier) in the kitchen, lampblack to withstand long-term damage, accelerated aging panel. Therefore, the cleaning and maintenance of cabinets need more effort. The following cabinet cleaning method, we should pay more attention to cough up! 

1. door cleaning: note that some soluble detergent will make paint paint door off, so when cleaning cabinet hanged; and for all benzene solvents and resins and solvent cleaning agent for panel. 

2. cabinet cleaning: of course a key issue for the sink clean cabinet (China building materials factory) is clean, when cleaning the sink every time, remember to put the tube neck after the end of the filter box with cleaning, which can avoid the long-term accumulation of greater accumulation of grease. 

3. cabinet: clean utensils should be cleaned and then into the cabinet (kitchen cabinet design), it is very important to pay special attention to clean containers, particularly containers cabinet bottom parts contact.

Kitchen is a place to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices if not timely, keep the kitchen clean, it is easy to breed bacteria, affect human health. Through the above introduction, I believe that many housewives are not afraid of cleaning cabinets, in fact, there are many cleaning tips in life, as long as we find that there will be intentions.