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Four elements of bathroom cabinet

  • Release on :2017-10-11
You will choose bathroom cabinets (China Home appliance supplier)? I believe many owners will be very confident to say, in fact, many people have the purchase of errors, not self-knowledge. Buy Bathroom Cabinets, mainly remember the following words:

A look at the bathroom cabinet (Home improvement supplier) surface, if the surface paint has many outstanding small particles, it is inferior paint, can not buy. Two, look at the plate, so that the guide to produce plate model, to see what kind of plate is in the end, what are the advantages and disadvantages?.

Smell the smell, open the closed door cupboard, if there is a pungent smell emitted, you can judge formaldehyde content exceeded.

Ask the shopping guide to take the quality inspection report approved by the national testing institution, and check the water absorption, thickness expansion rate, formaldehyde emission, nail holding power and surface crack resistance of 24h.

The size of your house can be placed in the bathroom cabinet (China bathroom cabinet supplier) specifications, in accordance with the ability to choose your consumption, safe, robust, generous bathroom cabinet.
Just a bathroom cabinet to buy there are so many problems, the owners in other aspects of the purchase should be more carefully, so as not to buy fake or substandard product quality goods, daily use, the problem with the purchase of bathroom cabinet is introduced to here, what if there is doubt, can continue to pay attention to our website.