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Warm wood windows give you a sense of comfort.

  • Release on :2017-06-09
Home is a habitat, is to create a relatively independent small environment, wind and rain shelter, shading, sound insulation, to protect themselves from any outside factors. Indoor windows are the bridge for indoor and outdoor communication and exchange. Indoor windows provide the right temperature, humidity, air and light, as well as a sound environment that suits you.

Nowadays, there are probably a few people who use wooden windows for outdoor decoration to protect people from the wind and rain. More families have used the wooden window as an element of interior decoration, and made the wooden window become one of the materials for living room partition.

Although the pure wood window as the window is very rare, but a kind of pure wood windows due to the periodic forced circulation steam drying technology, the wooden window is not easy cracking phenomenon, generally can be used within the window, after the paint can be used outside the window. Another kind of "aluminum clad wood window", is a combination of the advantages of processing pure wood windows and plastic steel window and a layer of pure wood, the outer layer to Aluminum Alloy as protective layer, corrosion resistant, good shape, but also in the outer layer of spraying a variety of colors, which makes people enjoy a warm feeling of the wooden window have more choices. Maybe the China PVC window supplier and China aluminum window manufacturer is the right choice for you.