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Energy-saving window selection profiles glass should be selected

  • Release on :2017-09-27
Want to buy a good energy-saving windows (China one stop building materials factory), from profiles to the tightness, and then to the choice of glass are very important, we follow the Chengdu decoration nets Xiaobian together to refer to these professional knowledge!

Profile: key to improving insulation performance
The window has good heat preservation performance profile is the key to improve the insulation performance of windows (China aluminum window factory), it requires not only window profiles have good insulation performance, and must have good ability to prevent deformation, and aging resistance. Once the rigidity of the window does not meet the requirements, it will inevitably lead to deformation of the window structure and close the door, which will seriously reduce the sealing performance of the whole window.

Glass type of window: attention to the effect of heat preservation
Energy saving glass window (China window supplier) from the material can generally be divided into endothermic glass, insulating glass, heat reflective glass three. In general, the cold area, try to choose a hollow glass, the material to control the heat conduction, can play a very good effect in heat insulation; while in hot summer and cold winter or hot summer and warm winter area is recommended to choose heat absorbing glass, heat reflective glass, try to control the solar energy into the interior, room temperature control, to reduce air conditioning load, achieve the purpose of energy saving.