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How much do you know about the decoration of the balcony window?

  • Release on :2017-06-09
Now we live in residential, almost every household will have a balcony, regardless of size, do not forget to beautify the balcony. The design of the window accounts for a large part.

Balcony decoration design is the first balcony window waterproof. In the south, the construction technology of balcony window, is often the key you Home Furnishing can survive the typhoon Jizi where. Balcony window waterproof, the first to pay attention to the quality of the window, sealing better. Don't make a mistake in the inside of the waterproof box.

In the balcony, window design, decoration choice balcony window, you know, it can choose plastic doors and windows in accordance with material selection. Different material of the balcony window, when buying notes are different.

For example, steel doors and windows is a new generation of window materials, it has high strength, anti wind pressure air and rainwater infiltration of small water tightness and air tightness good, so many people will choose such material from the balcony window, low coefficient of heat transfer, thermal insulation, sound insulation, not aging etc., are rapidly replacing the traditional in before the window, Aluminum Alloy window. The quality of the window supplied by the China aluminum window manufacturer or China Home appliance supplier is excellent and can be considered.

Choose balcony windows, do not buy cheap doors and windows, attention should be paid to the surface quality and attention to glass and hardware, so that the balcony window is suitable for balcony decoration.