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How about a custom-made bathroom cabinet?

  • Release on :2017-06-05
Customized bathroom cabinet in the selection for wood, MDF, moisture-proof board as base material, mainly to resist the temperature according to their surface treatment process, humidity and even the sun reflects ultraviolet light, to ensure that the material in the bathroom of the long-term use will not crack, deformation.

General custom bathroom furniture, the important thing is to make efforts in selecting materials, because of the different geographical environment and different climatic factors, the customer's purchasing needs are different. And bathroom cabinets, originally decorated in a multi water place, therefore, in the custom bathroom cabinet plate, we must pay attention to the moisture of its material, so as not to take a long time on the bad.

Bathroom cabinets, style, style choice, which varies from person to person, at the same time, but also according to the main home decoration style. Customized bathroom cabinets should be considered with their own bathroom style consistent cover looks not only sleep? Has the discrepancy, and sometimes, custom furniture more can have a punchline role, not only beautiful, but the overall effect is better. There are custom bathroom cabinets, bathroom cabinet size is what you would like to know, the general bathroom cabinet, the standard size is 800mm to 1000mm long, 450mm to 500mm wide. As the size of the bathroom is almost the same, bathroom cabinets can also be adjusted according to their own requirements.

General furniture is made up of many fittings. Without these fittings and tissues, these furniture can not do any function at all, even can say that such a push wood is waste wood. Therefore, when custom-made furniture, in the choice of accessories at the same time, we should also pay attention to the quality guarantee of some hardware parts. Custom bathroom cabinets, general accessories are some hardware accessories, such as bathroom door is supported by the hinge, as well as handle, hinge, etc., need to choose good quality, to prevent some quality problems.

For further information, please contact China bathroom cabinet supplier or China building materials factory.