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Marble bathroom cabinets, advantages and disadvantages

  • Release on :2017-06-05
Natural stone natural color, variety, with simple and elegant, elegant effect, by building designers and home decoration consumers, marble is the main choice of many of the stone. Go from natural materials marble bathroom cabinet body, bathroom cabinet, plain natural marble, add beautiful color for the bathroom decoration effect, it has wide adaptability and performance in Home Furnishing collocation.

Marble bathroom cabinet, using natural marble unique patterns, to create different texture style bathroom cabinet. Natural marble raw materials with exquisite technology, user-friendly design, high quality standards to create a new concept, a new square bathroom cabinet.

Natural marble countertops hard and crisp, the thickness is generally above 1.6cm. Marble is rich in color and texture. Rust, antimagnetic, insulation, high strength and good physical and chemical properties.

Natural marble mesa will not change color, no deformation, high hardness, high temperature resistance, strong wear resistance, can keep the bathroom cabinet for a long time new. Marble is sedimentary rock, radiation is very small, in line with national safety standards of marble products, no harm to the human body.

Custom bathroom cabinets generally use marble countertops, marble in size can be flexibly controlled, fully consistent with custom bathroom cabinet size requirements. But it also has shortcomings, water absorption, and easy to produce cracks, inadequate is that the shape of a single (because it is easy to break).

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