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What is anti-static floor?

  • Release on :2017-06-12
Wooden anti-static floor, also known as composite anti-static floor, is made of high-density board base, surface sticking fire board (HPL/PVC/ ceramic), the bottom surface is galvanized steel plate, PVC edge. Wood composite floor using high-quality particleboard as a substrate, under the auxiliary antistatic veneer, aluminum plate, surrounded by Aluminum Alloy edge molding and molding. The bearing strength, good antistatic properties, applicable to primary and secondary school classrooms, tax settlement greed, highway toll station room. The imported wooden anti-static floor is made according to the imported floor. It has beautiful appearance and good performance. It is suitable for all kinds of computer rooms with high cost.

1,Antislip/Superstrong Skid Resisting,anti-aging
2. Environmental protection, non-poisonous
3. Fireproof,waterproof
4. Easy to install ,clean and maintain
5. Sound Absorption/Low noise emission
6. Superstrong Wear Resistant
7. High Elastic and Superstrong Shock-Resisting
8. Various Styles and Designs
9. Good Moisture Resistance
10. Good Stain Resistance

Putie wallpaper should choose the air relative humidity below 85%, the temperature should not have dramatic changes, must be avoided in the wet season and construction in wet wall. If the wallpaper is beautiful, durable and difficult to blister and warp, the treatment of the wall surface before construction is very important. Wall preparation for wallpaper shall be flat, dry and without dust or dust. Before paving the wallpaper.
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