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Kitchen decoration should pay attention to!

  • Release on :2017-07-11
Like all commodities, the price is the overall decoration of the kitchen cabinet (kitchen cabinet design ) manufacturers love promotions, and is good at it. Here is not the price promotion trap, but rather the trap of quotation.

The most common of the whole cabinet industry is the kitchen is quoted by Yanmi valuation, which is in accordance with the cabinet cabinet: extend the length to calculate the rice price * cabinet length. This quote means the biggest trap lies in the cabinet, because here is according to the length of the meter cabinet calculation, general cabinet to remove hood, microwave ovens and other space, so the actual cabinet cabinet is not long, but the sales staff will still be priced at the length of the cabinet (China kitchen cabinet manufacturer), so that consumers will suffer.

In addition there is a separate offer, according to the actual number of cabinet, cabinet valuation. Although this same Yanmi valuation looks similar, but in fact there is a difference between. A length of about 3 meters of the cabinet, there are three groups, two groups of condole cabinet, we are two ways to calculate its value. Yanmi valuation method: Yanmi unit price by 3 meters, if 2000 yuan / meter, 3 meter for the price of 6000 yuan.

Split valuation method: price + three groups of two groups of condole cabinet (China building materials factory) price, such as a group of the cabinet for the price of 1200 yuan, 3600 yuan for the three groups; a group of the cabinet for the price of 800 yuan, two groups of condole is 1600 yuan, together with the price of a total of 5200 yuan. In this way, the consumer will understand.