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Amazing! The thickness of the floor does not represent quality!

  • Release on :2017-06-28
Laminate flooring just came on the market, the thickness of only 6 mm. Over the next few years, the 8 mm floor has dominated the market. In recent years, the floor ( home renovation supplier ) thickness continues to increase, and now 12 mm floors become mainstream, the market has appeared 13 mm, 15 mm thick floor. The trend in this industry has led many consumers to have an illusion that when they buy Laminate flooring, they pay more attention to the thickness, and that the thicker the floor, the more weight it has, which means that it is stronger, more durable and of better quality. Is that really the case?

In fact, thick plates, like thin plates, can not be used once they are worn out. Therefore, the quality of the floor ( China building materials manufacturer ) surface is largely related to the service life of the wooden floor, not the thickness of the board." Mr. Huang said the industry, the impact of strengthening the quality of the floor is not the decisive factor in the quality of consumers in the purchase of laminate flooring, depending on the manufacturers of wood and process level.

To remind the industry, the price of the same situation, would rather buy brand wood floor 8 mm floor, not to buy the inferior 12 mm thick floor ( China building materials factory ) "look, but because of the huge difference in cost, technology and production technology, the service life of the plate sheet name may not be as big brand long".