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AMAZING! Cheap wallpaper harms much!

  • Release on :2017-07-04
Wallpaper market's rapid development, wallpaper faces mixed, uneven quality of the development of the situation. The existing market "cheap wallpaper project" is concerned, the market on the ten block, fifteen block, six block twenty project wallpaper (build new house solution ) everywhere, but it occupies a space for one person in the wallpaper market, it is not by the price low is the only reason!

Low cost engineering wallpaper, the reason is low to ten, twenty, mostly because wallpaper manufacturers from raw materials to reduce investment. And the main raw materials needed for the production of raw materials - paper, pigment, non-woven gauze, etc., are important factors in the quality of wallpaper. And low cost project wallpaper manufacturers in order to reduce investment, generally will choose a very thin base paper, not environmental protection paint, ink, quality of non spinning cloth, which seriously led to engineering wallpaper product quality plummeted.

Low wallpaper (home renovation supplier ) itself defects in the construction process of the wallpaper in the exposed undoubtedly, on the wall: flower type, uneven Alice, color, smell, the overall effect is a quality problem in the wallpaper, the approval process will face bigger problems.

Low - quality engineering wallpaper (China building materials manufacturer) true colors; low price; environmental standards; customer service service guarantee. Cheap project wallpaper wallpaper market appear, for the possession of the wallpaper market share at the expense of engineering, product quality, enterprise reputation and image of the industry to obtain lower profits, but bring irreparable harm to the sustainable development of the wallpaper industry.