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Home improvement wallpaper, small homework

  • Release on :2017-07-04
Is often asked to do the decoration decoration wallpaper ( building materials manufacturer China ) good? "Wallpaper, especially the decoration of the bedroom (bedroom decoration renderings) space. Can make the room more style.

Wallpaper ( China building materials manufacturer ) is a good way to decorate, whether it is nostalgic, small and fresh design, atmosphere rendering appropriate, decorative warm and appropriate. Uniform, color wallpaper natural texture quality orderly, not only in the decoration of the sense of hierarchy, but also in the small crack, and wallpaper sound-absorbing effect. More and more, 80, 90 after the owners decoration emphasizes personalized attention, "light decoration, heavy decoration" concept, soft decoration is becoming more and more important.   

But in recent years, users of wallpaper ( build new house solution) have been increasing complaints, lack of construction service system, and become warped and stripped a year later. The high price of the business will be given "better quality" and "imported products" such as explanation, in the construction of "the real operation, low price, small profits but quick turnover" delivery service delivery materials, the decoration after the smell, could not immediately admitted commitment to environmental standards. So you have to do your homework when you decorate the walls.