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Wallpaper purchasing knowledge

  • Release on :2017-09-30
There are many types of wallpaper (build new house solution), with plastic paper base wallpaper, textile fabrics, wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper, natural materials, plastic, metal, glass fiber wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper main fluorescence is prevailing in the world at present, should pay attention to when buying:

1, smell: open the wallpaper (China building materials supplier) samples, especially the new sample, to smell the smell from the wood fiber wallpaper, wood fragrance faint, almost smell the smell, such as smell is not wood fiber.

2, use the fire: This is the most effective way. Wood fiber wallpaper in the burning of no black smoke, burning dust is also white; if smoke smoke, smell, it may be PVC material wallpaper.

3, do drip test: this method can detect its permeability. Drop a few drops of water on the back of the wallpaper to see if there is moisture on it. If you don't see it, the wallpaper doesn't have breathability. It's not wood fiber wallpaper.

4, with water: a small part of the wallpaper (China building materials manufacturer) bubble into the water, and then fingers scraped the wallpaper surface and back, to see whether the bubble faded or rotten wood fiber wallpaper really strong, pure natural ingredients and the dye extracted from among the flowers and linen, not because of blisters and bleaching.