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How can the bathroom cabinet prevent moisture and how to prolong the service life of the cabinet?

  • Release on :2017-09-26
With the continuous enrichment of bathroom functions, the need to accommodate regular items is also increasing, bathroom cabinets (China one stop building materials factory) become essential objects. It helps to sort out and easily solve small problems in life. Make the bathroom look neat and uniform. But how to let the bathroom cabinet block moisture invasion, and extend the service life of the bathroom cabinet?

Recipe 1: metal leg
Bathroom cabinets (China building materials supplier), if you use wooden cabinets, legs are easy to damp, resulting in the entire cabinet deformation. If the metal is used as the leg material to support the cabinet at the bottom of the cabinet, the problem will be solved ingeniously.

Secret recipe two: waterproof material
Choose bathroom cabinet, can use the fire board, wear plates, polymer composite plate as counter materials, they not only have good moisture resistance, can also simulate the wood color.

Secret three: new box
The material is the main bathroom cabinets (China shower room supplier), it is covered by surface materials, easy to be ignored. Because the box material can not be seen in the range of view, many people think it is unnecessary to use cheap sheet material.

Recipe four: Rubber banding
The rubber strip with anti-collision function is installed at the place where the cabinet is in contact with the cabinet door, and the impact force can be well buffered.