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Which is better, such as solid wood door, original wooden door and molded wooden door?

  • Release on :2017-09-29
Solid wood door (China one stop building materials factory
): take logs door core material, after drying, and then after cutting, polishing, mortising, drilling process as. Most of the logs, tree species, such as walnut, teak, etc. are taken by solid wood doors. The solid wood products after machining wood has no deformation, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, no cracks, in addition with wood acoustic performance and temperature humidity performance, sound absorption, sound absorption and insulation to good effect. The solid wood door uses the same kind of wood both inside and outside the wood, so there is no obvious difference in appearance, and it is very close to the original wooden door after painting. In the interior door, the grade is very high.

Original wooden door (China classic furniture supplier): the original wooden door belongs to the high-end product of solid wood series. During the processing, a series of dehydration, drying and mechanical properties of wood must be carried out. Because the original wood is not only the "pure wood", is made of aniseed, inside and outside are the same kind of wood, so in the process is more demanding, the price is more expensive.

Molded door: is relying on dry wood combination frame, and on the keel frame adhesive tapes, modeling and Simulation of high density wood fiber molded door skin plate, by mechanical pressing into. Because the door core is empty, the sound insulation and heat insulation effect of the moulded wooden door is worse than that of the solid wood door (China wooden door supplier), and the biggest drawback is that it is not able to withstand shock and collision. However, molded doors have moisture resistance, expansion resistance, no crack deformation, and the price of solid wood doors to economic benefits, for the general family decoration preferred.