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Do you know the advantages of inflatable sofa?

  • Release on :2017-10-10
Inflatable sofa, also known as lazy sofa (China classic furniture supplier), inflatable sofa with its light and beautiful features, widely affected by long-term guerrilla rent house young people favor. Inflatable sofa not only beautiful, but also more practical, but also can save home living space. Below, take everyone to understand the inflatable sofa, learn the advantages of inflatable sofa (China Home appliance supplier).

1 、 light and convenient to use. The body was like a thin air, pack and go, and transport the bitter from your journey.

2 、 exhaust bladder stereo liner. It can take the initiative to adjust the bearing force according to different parts of the body feel pressure, considerate care, give you the most healthy sleep feeling, its degree of hardness can be adjusted to fully comply with the ISPA international standard organization bedding.

3, carefully designed internal flat flow ventilation tank. A carefully designed inflatable sofa fabric and inner air liner between advection cast venting system not only keeps the whole bed (PAD) appearance and bearing ability, also completely reject the traditional bed (PAD) caused by poor ventilation or ventilation under damp, humid heat, to intend the health care and disease prevention cloth effect.

4, the design of surface cover for mattress.
5 、 it's very convenient to carry and collect. Inflatable sofa is also easy to carry. It is easy to move, clean, clean, collect, and virtually relieve the mental pressure. Many young people's homes have become inflatable furniture "magic show"".