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How to choose a comfortable sofa?

  • Release on :2017-07-18
Each part of sofa (build new house solution ) size should be consistent with the requirements of ergonomics, with the physiological structure of the surface suitable for good. If the room is smaller, and the function of sitting sofa bed is a good choice. So you can focus on some sofa with a queen's chair, which is beautiful and comfortable.

Sofa (China classic furniture supplier) seat surface height should be equal to the lower leg shoe heel height or slightly lower height, roughly between 35 - 42 cm. The seat is too high, easy feet dangling, body weight will have pressure in the legs, long legs and back muscles will feel pain unbearable; low back muscle is not in a natural state, the thigh force will be reduced, for a long time, will feel muscular pain.

Sofa seat in front of the width of not less than 48 cm; double sofa should be more than 95 cm; three sofa (building materials manufacturer China ) should be between 140 - 145 cm, the seat depth should be 48 - 55 cm. When the body sits entirely on the couch, the comfort criterion is that the knee is still outside the sofa. 

Sofa seat height should be between 85 to 90 cm, the height can be completely put in the head back, allowing the neck to relax. If the back and armrests of the sofa are too low, it is recommended to add a cushion for comfort.

Wants tall on the sofa living room, not only well chosen, is also very important to take the soft living room, whether it is to coordinate the collocation of color or style, please professional designers to design is undoubtedly the best choice.