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Does the bathroom door open inwards or outwards?

  • Release on :2017-06-29
When in bathroom renovation is generally installed door (China furniture manufacturer), but the door is open inwards or outwards pull?

Open door will occupy a space, especially in the corridor, traffic is not convenient, can not just open the door for ventilation. But if the bathroom door is the door, generally do not see, then you can do pull.The utility model has the advantages that the door is convenient for opening, and the space inside the bathroom can be fully utilized.

Easy to escape, if the old man fell in the bathroom outside the door, more convenient rescue, so shopping mall or other public places are pulling out the door.

The bathroom door will not pushed outside the occupied space, which is more clean, also can protect privacy. But, contrary to the outside door, there are two problems: the door can not contain other things, occupied the internal space; in case of emergency, the old man fell, or something else jammed the door, it is difficult to open the door. But its advantages are also obvious: push the bathroom door (China furniture factory) won't occupy the outside space, more clean; push the bathroom door can be from inside, and when necessary, is conducive to the protection of privacy.

If the door is installed outside the door (China door wholesales supplier), or safer, the toilet in the aisles, with better push. It's safer to have an outside door if you have an elderly person, of course, you can also consider sliding doors.