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Three kinds of common sofa contrast

  • Release on :2017-08-08
Sofa as one of the essential products in family life, relaxing, relaxing and entertaining. In daily life, the most common types of sofas are leather sofas, solid wood sofas (China external siding supplier) and fabric sofas. What kind of sofa should I choose when choosing a sofa?

Fabric sofa
Price sofa is generally considered the market of young people, this sofa (China external siding supplier) is walking from most modern minimalist route can be gleaned, and popular family welcomed the pastoral style Home Furnishing, also not the sofa figure. Although the general sofa in the life span of 5 to 10 years, less than the leather sofa and sofa, but because the sofa can change at any time to create a new suit of clothes, also a feeling of home, this is love fashion, renewal of young people sought after. 

leather sofa
Leather sofa most admirable, than the leather sofa (China leather sofa supplier) comfort. Because the leather sofa is soft and comfortable, it is a good choice for the urbanite who has a fast pace of living. Many people think that the price of leather sofa can be tens of thousands of dollars, but otherwise, the average price of high-grade imported leather sofa should be tens of thousands, but many of them made of China's first layer of cowhide made of sofa can be bought several thousand yuan. 

solid wood sofa
The design of solid wood sofa is generally more sedate and generous, age applies to a wide range. But now on the market a lot of solid wood sofa collocation with sponge cushion, in addition to more young, winter in Shanghai cotton sitting more comfortable and warm, summer cool and comfortable touch down the sponge, the convenience of use also made popular solid wood sofa.