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Pick on the sofa and make your living room look new!

  • Release on :2017-06-30
The living room sofa is the most eye-catching large furniture, so it is related to the choice of the living room style, taste and atmosphere, the correct choice of sofa collocation will be the living room decoration will be bad punchline, make the whole living room feeling greatly reduced, affecting the entire body appearance, so consumers in the purchase of the sofa ( China external siding supplier ) must be cautious.

American style living room is usually more spacious, with simple spacious American style sofa (China sofa supplier), simple background wall background, industrial wind chandelier for the living room to add a thick American style.

Tanyun always give people a quiet, secluded feeling. When you feel upset, idyllic scenery can make you feel safe around, calm water. Suits the countryside style sofa modelling structure, uses the straight line strip frequently, the style design is more atmospheric, advocates to return to the nature, displays leisure, relaxed, the nature countryside life pleasure. In the choice of fabric sofa, small Suihua, small square pattern is a good choice.

The style of Chinese living room is mainly embodied in traditional furniture and decorations. A large number of symmetrical layout, so that the entire living room elegant style, beautiful shape, color thick. While the Chinese living in the choice of sofa is also suitable for the wooden Chinese style sofa (China classic furniture supplier), the sofa is arc design, and uses a lot of collocation of straight line, very accord with modern aesthetic concept and unfettered way of thinking.