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How to choose a high grade wooden door

  • Release on :2017-10-13

Content Tip: the number of door opening frequency is very high, choose not only to consider the wooden doors (China external siding supplier) modeling, environmental protection, but also depends on quality, durability. And the current market can be described as a wide variety of doors, then in the purchase of high-level doors which should be selected from several aspects of it?

First look at the selection
The choice of raw materials and accessories directly determines the quality of the doors. At present, the process of high-grade wooden doors (China wooden door manufacturer) are mostly solid wood composite, not only to maintain the many advantages of natural wood, but also to avoid the deformation of solid wood deformation defects. The core part of the door is made of dried kiln. It can avoid the cracking and deformation of the finished product due to excessive water content. The middle part is 5mm thick MDF. The surface is imported solid wood veneer. In addition, the doors are environmentally friendly, the coating is critical, it is recommended in the purchase of wooden doors to the sales staff asked the coating of the brand and related indicators, and asked the relevant state departments issued a test report. Nature De Senbao wooden doors with China Resources, Zhichen environmental wood special paint, four at the end of the two, the film full, smooth and delicate touch, the substrate texture vivid, high degree of transparency, NC water-based paint to EO level, no methanol release.

Second look at the equipment
Professional door factory, should have sanding machine, Edge machine, grinding, hot press, automatic painting, CNC machining centers. Good equipment to produce high-quality products, from the factory equipment can also determine the size of the manufacturers strength. Nature De Senbao bold use of the international advanced CNC machining, automated assembly line and manual operation of the combination of ways to solve a large number of the same industry can not solve the difficult processing at the same time, the perfect guarantee of product details and quality The At the same time, nature De Sen bao door R & D team developed a variety of patented wooden doors products, won the praise of market consumers. 

Finally look at the production process
Wood doors (China wooden door supplier) of the production process is more complex, need to go through the wood drying, roughing, sanding, edge, etc. more than 30 procedures can ensure that the growth of the door and mirror-like silky paint. Nature Desenburg wooden door polished, paint shop completely dust-free management, from Italy to introduce advanced closed automatic temperature control spray paint room, spray paint room comes with the filtering function and temperature control function, so that the paint completely isolated from the outside world, In any case, will not affect the effect of spraying and finishes.