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Stairs to buy, interpretation of the scenery up and down

  • Release on :2017-08-24
The modern apartment layout, duplex, Cuoceng, duplex structure is more and more, home of the stairs (China stair factory) is a landscape, architectural art and aesthetics from the perspective of the stairs, is the visual focus, is a major highlight highlight the personality of the room. How to beautify stairs is the highlight of family decoration. 

A straight ladder; a straight staircase (China furniture factory). It's also the simplest form of traditional stairs, with geometric lines that give a person a straight and stiff feel. The advantage of straight ladder is that it is easy for old people and children to walk around. The disadvantage is than the spiral staircase need more space, only in the interior space is large, can choose straight ladder. 

Is a stepladder, transform form straight ladder. The corner is realized by a platform with a straight ladder and a back folding platform, thereby saving space. 

A curved staircase, the staircase (China stair railing supplier) is curved. The utility model has the advantages of beautiful sense of beauty and good flavor, and can enliven the atmosphere of space. Because it is arc, the shape is more bold, more open and more avant-garde. The drawback is that poorly designed space is wasted. 

The spiral staircase, the deformation is a stepladder. The advantage of this kind of staircase is that it occupies the smallest space and has a strong dynamic beauty. Because the spiral ladder does not rely on the wall, the fence cannot use the wall, needs to add through the air railing, this has manifested the staircase artistic charm better. The disadvantage is that there is a sense of cramped, because each step on the springboard, the width of the outside is not the same, so the security is poor.