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What kind of kitchen door?

  • Release on :2017-06-29
Whether you want to install the kitchen door (China furniture supplier) is determined according to the style of the decoration, if you are using the open kitchen door decoration, then certainly is not needed, if not open kitchen, then to choose the kitchen door.

Solid wood type: the use of solid wood to produce cabinets, door panels, styles are mostly classical, usually higher prices. Its door frame is solid wood, with cherry, wood, walnut, wood and oak. The door (China furniture manufacturer) core is made of medium density board and is made of solid wood skin, and it is made of concave and convex shapes and painted outside of the solid wood surface in order to keep the log color and graceful shape.

Paint type: paint board substrate for density board, the surface after six times spray baking imported paint (three, two sides, a light) high temperature baked. At present, the "paint" for the cabinet only shows a process, that is, after spraying paint into the drying room heating drying paint processing substrate door panels. Paint plate is characterized by bright colors, easy to shape, with a strong visual impact, beautiful, fashionable and waterproof performance is very good.
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