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Give the fabric sofa a bath

  • Release on :2017-07-11
Fabric sofa has become the mainstream of the sofa (China classic furniture supplier ) Market, and high-tech fabric fabric has become the preferred fabric of high-grade sofa. As the air quality is not optimistic, the table does not rub a day, you will see a layer of dust, which will also have a large number of bacteria and viruses. We can imagine how we would sit on a sofa every day, and we would bring back dust and bacteria from the outside. It can be seen that the cleaning and sterilization of cloth sofa are very important to our life.

Fabric sofa (building materials manufacturer China) is not only soft and comfortable, but also can make the room more comfortable, so it is very popular. Cloth art sofa to often clean, otherwise, fabric sofa may breed mildew, mites, pollution, indoor health, affect health.

If the lack of cleaning or improper cleaning, fabric sofa (China furniture supplier ) will not only lose the original luster, but also become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, but also more vulnerable to damage. But when it comes to how to clean not washable fabric sofa, many people will shake.

Now, a complete solution is: high pressure steam host + brushless jet fabric furniture cleaning head + green cleaning agent, which is a set of cleaning technology can not washable fabric sofa, sofa to maximize their original state, lasting as bright as new.