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Leather sofa VS fabric sofa

  • Release on :2017-07-11
A lot of people in the Home Furnishing sofa choice is often between the leather sofa (building materials manufacturer China) and sofa linger, don't know to choose which one is good, in fact, is not a thorough understanding of the contrast between the two.

From everyone to buy furniture will be most concerned about the price. The leather sofa (China furniture supplier ) price is relatively more expensive, mainly leather sofa materials are scarce and complex process, so the price is naturally high, making material sofa are simple, the price is relatively cheap.

On the sofa style, high-grade leather sofa ( China classic furniture supplier ) style, elegant and generous, generally will be placed in the more spacious living room, is luxurious style, dignified calm, good grades, but sofa fabrics and styles are relatively simple, no diversity sofa. Fabric sofa is generally suitable for the tastes of young people, light and soft, changing shape and novel style sofa fabric is more also, great personality, if it is silk, silk and other fabrics sofa will appear more luxurious and elegant. Fabric sofa can be suitable for high-end luxury decoration, but also suitable for small fresh sweet home decoration, leather sofa at this time can not match.

From the production process, fabric sofa generally adopts the mechanized production process is relatively simple, and the leather sofa to go through a lot of procedures, more complicated, a lot of time or Handmade, from the process on the quality of fabric sofa is far more than the leathe