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Do you know all about glass mosaics

  • Release on :2017-12-08
With the people pay more and more attention to home decoration, many decoration materials begin to appear in our life. Among them, the glass mosaic(China glass staircase supplier) is welcomed by the masses due to its characteristics of strong decoration and good firmness. So do you know how to install the glass mosaic? What should I pay attention to during installation? 

On the one hand, before installing the glass mosaic, it is necessary to clean the wall that intends to renovate, so as not to affect the follow-up problems. The adhesive plaster the glass mosaic to the wall flatly and in sequence, taking care to ensure that the glass mosaic is completely Stick to the wall, there is no gap. You have to wait for one to two days after the glass mosaics to be torn, wet the paper to which the glass mosaics(China one stop building materials factory) will be applied, and then torn off the glass mosaic sticker until it is completely wetted. Be careful not to tear Too large, the direction of parallel with the wall to ensure that the mosaic will not fall. 
On the other hand, regarding the treatment of the gap, there are some small gaps left after installing the glass mosaic, which will cause the glass mosaic to fall off after being used for a while. The general approach is to use tools to fill the gap with the same color mosaic adhesive, so that not only can fill the gap completely, but also make the glass mosaic more fit the wall. Finally, after all the steps have been completed, it is possible to wait until all the adhesive is dry, usually by wiping it with a wet towel three times and then wiping it with a dry towel.

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