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Is your kitchen design the most practical

  • Release on :2017-12-18
Kitchen is the highest utilization of residential interior space, and most relevant to life. Kitchen(kitchen cabinet design) design is reasonable, whether in line with the needs of life directly affect the quality of life. In addition to meeting the needs of life, a variety of layouts and different styles, to bring more fun cooking, enjoy good times with family and friends. 
Different usage and living habits determine the layout of the kitchen. Proper planning can save time and energy and improve the quality of life. Through different combinations of functions, to create their own exclusive kitchen. People travel back and forth around the restaurant and kitchen for about 30 times a day, switching more than 50 drawers and cabinet doors daily, switching between console, sink and cooktops more than 50 times, an average housewife spent in the kitchen each year More than a month, the kitchen(China kitchen cabinet manufacturer) three major operating washing cut fried, forming a working triangle, how to tie in with the crucial. 
Working triangle is divided into cooking area, washing area and storage area of three parts, according to the different functions, but also can be divided into 5 functional partitions. First, food storage area, refrigerator, food, rice noodles oil and other food storage area. Second, out of storage, tableware, cups, cooking gadgets, crisper can focus on storage and storage. Third ,Cleaning area, the area where the sink is located and the cabinet below the sink are mostly used for storage and storage of water purifiers, kitchen wares (hot water heaters), cleaning products and trash cans. Fourth ,preparation area, the kitchen most of the work needs to be achieved in this work, such as cutting vegetables, preparation of vegetables, and noodles, finishing and other work, you can put on the wall or table commonly used tools for easy access. Finally, cooking or  baking area, stove area, if the space allows, but also cooking utensils such as ovens, microwave ovens, pots up to this.

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