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What are the kitchen equipment, specifically how the classification of it

  • Release on :2018-01-04
The kitchen is a very important part of our life and it accounts for a large proportion of our entire family. We need to deal with the kitchen almost every day. At present, with the development of economy, the level of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, the kitchen equipment has been evolving with the changes of the times. There are more and more kinds of kitchen equipment, more and more The more comprehensive. Today, we will briefly introduce what kitchen(China kitchen cabinet factory) equipment and how to classify? 
There are two main types of kitchen products, one is divided according to the use of occasions, one is divided according to use purposes. In accordance with the use of the occasion generally have two kinds of household and commercial, commercial generally larger kitchen(home renovation supplier) equipment, parity applicable to hotel restaurants and so on, the family is in the average home use. In accordance with the purpose can be divided into five sub-categories. The first category is for storage, mainly food storage, such as refrigerators, freezers and non-cold storage; storage of utensils, such as the storage of our utensils, utensils, etc., Mostly use some hanging cabinet corner cabinet, and other multi-functional cabinet to achieve the storage function. 
The second category is our washing appliances, mainly including some supply systems and drainage equipment, as well as some washing basins and buckets, etc. In many families there will be food waste shredders, disinfection cabinets and so on. The third subclass is a number of conditioning equipment, mainly some finishing, ingredients and modulation tools or utensils, as well as conditioning table, and some families will have juicer and food cutting machine, etc. also fall into this category . The fourth category is our cooking utensils, mainly some stoves, stoves and cooking utensils and tools used when cooking, and now there will be rice cookers, microwave ovens and so on. The fifth sub-category is the tableware or utensils we used to eat.

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