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Is your kitchen the safest

  • Release on :2017-12-20
As we all know, kitchen lighting is crucial, not only affecting the user's mood, but also related to safety issues. Bid farewell to only a dazzling ceiling kitchen, kitchen(China kitchen supplier) to become the show stage. 
Kitchen lighting is crucial, not only affects the mood to use it, but also relates to safety issues. Ceiling installation Ceiling or spotlights, to the kitchen to provide a uniform basis of lighting to meet the general use. No matter what kind of lighting, we must choose the color rendering is greater than 80, the color temperature of 3000K (warm light) ~ 5000K (neutral white) light source, good color rendering color more real, more three-dimensional sense, soft light down Visual fatigue, to further ensure the safety of the operation.Install spotlights in the kitchen to make your beloved dishes more sparkling and make your kitchen brighter. 

With the development of science and technology, the kitchen is gradually replaced by electrification. How to do electricity planning is the key to meet the daily needs and improve the quality of life, of course, the premise is in the kitchen(China one stop building materials manufacturer) cabling should be based on the current power to make reservations on the basis of planning, conditions allow at least when renovated independent 2.5m2MM or above circuit to meet the increasing electrical appliances in the future, to avoid overloading and leaving regret. 
The socket should be designed to meet the convenience of use, more good and better based. The surface of the table 1000mm from the ground for the use of common electrical appliances, the sink should be designed to reserve the kitchen for the Po, water purification equipment outlet, if there is a separate electrical area, according to the different height of electrical reserve more than one outlet. Hood socket design in the decorative cover, beautiful at the same time to avoid the erosion of fumes at high temperatures. Lighting according to different functions shunt wiring control, if you need to get in and out of the kitchen at night to take food, can be installed in the kitchen door infrared foot light, more convenient to avoid bump. 

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