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How to choose kitchen cabinet

  • Release on :2017-11-17
An array of kitchen cabinets(kitchen cabinet design) on the market, where the type, style, practicality are different, many people are curious, in the selection, whether there is a set of rules and regulations to provide reference? Or how to use the existing housing conditions to select a suitable cabinet it? Today to explain for everyone, how to choose suitable for their own cabinets, Let us take a look at it!
The kitchen floor number is about 3 Ping about the people, I suggest you can choose type I-design cabinets(China kitchen supplier), washing vegetables, cut vegetables, cooking one-stop design, simple and neat moving to enhance cooking efficiency. 

And about 8-12 ping kitchen space, you can use the L-type specifications, increase the plan of the electrical cabinet or locker, combined with the bar more for a wide range of design. 

If the number of kitchen(China one stop building materials factory) floor is about 20 Ping house, you can choose the U-word design, the use of more time and effort. In addition, you can also use the double I-word design, the so-called double I-font is the I-cookware with Nakajima design, and Nakajima space can be a small table or friends and family to interact with the small space.