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Do you know the five essentials of buying a sofa

  • Release on :2017-11-21
Furniture piece, buy once or twice a lifetime, many people may not have much experience. It is very important to buy a comfortable and durable sofa. However, the purchase of the sofa is not just look at appearances, should be considered from many aspects. The following small series to tell you when buying sofas(China leather sofa supplier) should pay attention to five places. 

First, see the sofa skeleton solid
The firmness of the sofa(Home improvement supplier) skeleton relates to the service life and quality assurance of the sofa. The easiest way is to lift one end of the sofa, lifting the part 10 cm off from the ground to see the other leg of the sofa off the ground. If the other side is also off the ground, then the sofa skeleton strong, quality clearance.
Second, see the sofa's fill quality
The amount and quality of the filler inside the sofa ensures the user's feeling of use and the life of the sofa. Hand pressing the sofa armrest and backrest, if you can clearly feel the presence of wood, then prove that this set of sofa filling density is not high, the flexibility is not good enough.
Third, look at the sofa's resilience
Good or bad resilience of the sofa that the flexibility of the sofa or not, good flexibility to ensure that people use comfort, test the resilience of the sofa can be free-fall on the sofa, the body at least cushioned by the sofa cushion 2 times or more, it means that this set of sofa is good elasticity, and the service life will be longer. 
Fourth, see the sofa details
The details of the sofa(China Home appliance supplier) to be carefully examined. Open the matching pillow zipper, observe and touch the inside of the lining and filler; lift the sofa to see if the bottom is meticulous, sofa legs are straight, surface treatment is smooth, leg bottom mat detail parts.
Finally, look at the sofa surface
Material used on the surface of the sofa that we often touch, if you are using a poor quality products, serious skin allergies. Hand on the sofa surface touch to see if there is the phenomenon of stimulating the skin, observe the overall sofa fabric color is uniform, the joints are solid and smooth, workmanship is fine.