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A good kitchen needs good cabinets

  • Release on :2017-09-14
The modern kitchen has an important position for a family, but in the purchase of the cabinet, many consumer tend to have a feeling of "watching". So, what should we pay attention to in choosing cabinets?

First, it's important to choose plates. One depends on the plate brand, and the two depends on the environmental certification issued by the state. However, to meet these two conditions, does not mean that cabinets (China one stop building materials factory) must be safe and reliable, the production process is also required. For example, artificial board is the base material plus formaldehyde glue to suppress.

Secondly, the table election is not good, add trouble. Consumers can be identified by "seeing". Quality of the table, the main raw material is mostly calcium carbonate, this kind of material looks dull, dull.

Third, the cabinet door is exquisite. At present, the most widely used shutter on the market is the wear-resistant plate, that is melamine plate. As a result of the price economy, it is very popular with consumers. Market share in second is the membrane pressure plate, it is in the density board surface with PVC film by hot pressing Blister molding, this kind of plate modelling rich, fashionable and beautiful.

Fourth, the actual price of raiders. Suggest that you and businessmen signed an agreement, we must clearly write the details of hardware brands.