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Do you know how to care for your sofa

  • Release on :2017-12-04
When it comes to the sofa, we are also very familiar with the sofa is one of the most used furniture in our daily life, because the sofa can bring us very comfortable to use to enjoy, but if the sofa is not often maintained, then the sofa can not be maintained The advantages of this Xiaobian will come to you about the sofa maintenance knowledge, the following look at the sofa(China one stop building materials factory) maintenance knowledge introduction. 

1: sofa placed on a flat ground, the bottom of the four corners of the best pad cushion, to prevent damage to the floor moving.

2: Before use, clean the surface of the sofa with a clean soft cloth dust and dirt, if the cow leather (leather) production, to be gently before using the care agent gently rub the sofa surface one or two times (do not use waxy care products) This cow leather (leather) surface layer of protective film to make the dirt in the future difficult to penetrate the pores of the skin, easy to clean later. 

3: should avoid jumping on the sofa seat surface, so as not to be deformed after partial pressure, affecting the use. 

4: should avoid with acute angle or tool contact surface appliances, to prevent scratching the fabric. 

5: should avoid sunlight for a long time caused by leather sofa( China leather sofa supplier) leather deformation caused by loss of elasticity, in case of frequent sun exposure, should be separated by a period of time between a few sofa intermodulation position to prevent significant color difference.

6: regular maintenance: cattle leather surface distribution of pores, as human skin care dry and wet season to maintain. Drying season every two months clean oil once, the normal season can be maintained within 3-4 months. 
The above is an introduction to the knowledge of sofa maintenance. Sofa maintenance is one of the methods that can be used to protect the sofa used in our home, and this method can make the sofa provide us with more long-term use, as always, and comfort, but These benefits are all we need to have a certain understanding of sofa maintenance knowledge and practice can be obtained. 

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