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Do you know the main points of choosing a sofa?

  • Release on :2017-09-12
Any kind of sofa (China one stop building materials factory) with their own decoration style to adapt to, only with appropriate, in order to contrast, to achieve the perfect decorative effect. The sofa and the living room decoration style should be consistent, or Chinese or western style, a harmonious beauty in appear in the unified style.

1, sofa stability
When you choose a sofa in the store, you can sit on the sofa shaking vigorously, choose a good sofa stability.

2, sofa frame
Whether the sofa frame is strong or not is directly related to the service life and quality guarantee of the sofa. If possible, let the sales staff open the cover of the sofa, observe the frame of the sofa, and choose the material that is sturdy. Leather sofa can hold up the sofa with your hands, feel the weight, if it is packed with a board, plywood, sofa, light weight, solid wood frame is heavier.

3, sofa filling sponge
Good to sit on the sofa (China sofa supplier) sponge, should not be a sinking down, will not be stiff, but soft and powerful, people can quickly restore it up again. Also allows the body to be free fall, sitting on the sofa, the body was at least 2 times more than the sofa cushion, to ensure that the sofa is good flexibility, and longer life.

4, the comfort of the sofa
Sit down, lean on, lie down, and feel that the size of the sofa (China modern sofa supplier) matches your "human size". The sofa must be comfortable.