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Steps and dimensions of stairs

  • Release on :2017-09-18
There are many different styles of stairs, but each applies to different circumstances, and different staircases (China one stop building materials factory) create a different atmosphere. The stairs in the house are roughly the following:

1. steps, two runs. This staircase momentum, a strong sense of direction, applied to the standard pile of higher Apartment layout, - -, two - storey link strong.

2., two running ladder. This kind of ladder is widely used and widely used. It saves space and connects with other space. It is also easy to connect with each other. At the same time, it is more covert and easy to strengthen the privacy of upstairs (China stair manufacturer).

Model 3.L two running stairs. This staircase along the wall layout is more, the advantage is to save space, there is a certain degree of guidance. An example of stairs can often be used to form a storage space. At the same time, the L staircase has a more variable direction, which can be used to connect two different groups of spaces upstairs and downstairs.

4. swivel ladder. This kind of stair (China stair railing supplier) is vivid, full of changes, space saving, it often becomes the space landscape, become the inalienable component composition, the material can be concrete, steel, and even organic glass, the material is more suitable for modern features of the spiral staircase, light flow. In the interior design stage, we should take into consideration the difficulty of the process caused by the changeable shape of the revolving ladder, and reasonably select the material and shape according to the existing machines, shopping malls and economic factors.