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How to identify the wallpaper is good or bad?

  • Release on :2017-10-17
A look: color and interface
Identify the quality of the wallpaper is good or bad, first look at the color of the surface of the wallpaper is uniform, whether there is color and bleed, blurred phenomena, usually the more clear the better shape; followed by the number of woven and delicate, mainly for nonwovens and Wall cloth, etc., to see both positive and negative, usually the higher the density of the surface pattern, then the better the quality.

In addition, the wallpaper (Home improvement supplier) can be seen through the wallpaper to see the wallpaper interface, the general paper wallpaper interface is poor, more than the interface will wear and tear up phenomenon.

Two touch: feel and toughness
Some people think that the thicker the better wallpaper, the industry said it was a misunderstanding. The quality of the wallpaper mainly in paper, process and toughness, and the thickness of the fact that there is no direct relationship in the hand to identify the wallpaper, the most is to see the feel and toughness, especially flocking wallpaper, the most likely to feel good and bad Differences, usually feel more soft and comfortable, indicating the better the quality, the stronger the flexibility. However, if it is the same material with the domestic wallpaper and imported wallpaper, imported wallpaper will be relatively thick, high density.

Three smell: poor wallpaper has smell
The real green wallpaper (home renovation supplier) is tasteless, but if it is made of inferior materials, there will be a pungent odor, close to the smell can smell it.

Four rub: test wear resistance dirty
Wallpaper (China one stop building materials factory) wear resistance is also a little dirty, it is recommended that consumers in the purchase process, you can use a pencil on paper to draw a few paintings, and then eraser, the general high-grade high-quality wallpaper, even if the surface of the convex texture, Wipe clean, and vice versa if it is inferior wallpaper, it is easy to scratch or wipe clean.