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Take the worst hit area! The three step is easy to clean the cupboard

  • Release on :2017-08-21
Fumes, sewage, kitchen waste, all kinds of pollution have made the kitchen a clean disaster area. More and more common custom cabinets (best kitchen cabinet brands 2017) also make the kitchen look more delicate, so it must be thoroughly clean and timely, it is best done once every week to clean up the kitchen cleaning, inside and outside the cabinet, cleaning gas stove etc.. 

The cabinet is best kept ventilated and dry. The cleaning of the cabinet (China one stop building materials manufacturer) includes the following aspects: 

1, door cleaning
Because the cabinet material is different, the door cleaning is also different. Must not use wire, ball and other hard objects, not only will scratch the cabinet (China kitchen supplier ), but also easy to leave permanent marks, resulting in deformation of the door, rot and so on. 

2. Clean the sink
The sink should be clean every night, washing the dishes will be cleaned once. The weekend is cleaning the kitchen sink in the filter tank, filter tank to remember below the tube neck end together with the cleaning, to avoid long-term accumulation of grease grow thick. If the stain long-term accumulation in the sink pipe, easy to clean, try cleaning agent in the water inside the kitchen to pour some oil stains, then rinse with hot water, then cold water.

3, table cleaning
Different materials of the table, you have to use different cleaning methods. Stainless steel table can not use steel wire ball or 100 clean cloth and other rough surface to wipe, or easy to scratch, and should use soft cotton cloth or sponge and other soft things. Artificial stone countertops oil, or recommended soft cloth with detergent, etc., to a certain extent, you can clean.