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You need to know about the non-woven wallpaper

  • Release on :2017-09-08
The price of non woven wallpaper is moderate, the color is rich and varied, and it is easy to change. Unlike paint and ceramic tile, it is very troublesome if you don't feel good and want to replace it. If you want non-woven wallpaper (China one stop building materials supplier) to better decorate the house, in addition to select high-quality non-woven wallpaper, but also pay attention to wallpaper paving.

Notice of installation of non woven wallpaper

1, non-woven wallpaper cut must be careful, a sword in the end, that is a cut, not bumpy, otherwise there will be intermittent line wallpaper (China Home appliance supplier) is not beautiful.

2, after the drying of the base paint on the wall, in order to better find the wallpaper paste position, you can use tools in advance on the wall to spend vertical lines as standard and mark.

3, paste wallpaper (build new house solution ) will inevitably encounter uneven situation, this time do not immediately pull down the wallpaper, can continue to paste, finally with a soft brush on gently scraping way, the surface of the wallpaper to get flat.

4, paste when you want to work while checking, can not let any wallpaper left problems. Otherwise, the correction is very large.