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Observe the quality of wooden doors

  • Release on :2017-09-13
Because of the characteristics of solid wood door (China one stop building materials supplier) and solid wood composite door, when buying wooden door, the owner can see the appearance quality of wooden door according to the craft adopted by wooden door, and avoid buying defective product. So, what are the possible defects? According to the manufacturing process of these two types of doors, the appearance quality defect of them includes two parts: a thin wood itself, as a paint defect, which is mainly manifested in the following aspects.

Cracks: split, split and ring crack two kinds. The longitudinal fracture passes through the wood texture and extends gradually; the ring cracks occur mostly between the wood grains and generally do not extend.

That is a moth bug: after leaving the garish. The artificial wood is dried, worms have been killed, no moth development, but will affect the appearance of bug.

Texture: the texture of a good wood is a regular texture, such as a textured, disordered or inverted wooden door (China Interior door supplier) with a lower rank.

Decay: wood tissue necrosis, mildew, discoloration, and therefore loose texture, strength reduction.

Penetration: when a single board is hot pressed, the adhesive leaks out of the surface of the sheet to form a gum spot. Its undesirable effect is mainly to cause the surface of the workpiece to stain after painting.

Bubble: a bubble is a single plate bulging and bubbles in the glue after repair, it is troublesome, greatly affected the production efficiency.